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First to describe this beautiful Basalt Stone from India, it is a Natural Stone product, it’s a volcanic (igneous) stoneemerged after volcanic activityon the face of the Earth. The admirablefeature…it has very high density&it is remained the same even after millions of years old volcanic activities happened on our mother earth.

Basalt Rock Stoneis a solid rock its origin is in North India in Rajasthan aka Rajasthan Black Basalt / Lava stone. It is available in ample quantities for any of your large-scalel and scaping and hardscaping projects. We can cut and supply any size, thickness & finish that you may need, it is available as per customer’s wish in the form of tiles, slabs, stairs, countertop, wall cladding, paving stone, kerbstone, vanity-topetc…



We are amongst the top in category of Basalt Stone Manufacturers Basalt Stone suppliers in India.

Natural Basalt Stone from India is a perfect match Flooring, Landscaping, Hardscaping, Wall Tile like your Drive waysFlooring, Pavements, Pool Surrounds, Parking Areas, Pathways Cladding, Kerbstone, Garden Stone, Wall cladding Stone, Sawn Cubes, Steps & landscaping requirements in the interior and exteriors. We can supply and export many demanding sizes in Indian Basalt stone like Basalt Rocks, Basalt Blocks, Basalt Slabs, Basalt Tiles, Basalt paving stone, Basalt Cobbles with High Quality parameters & indeed at Low Price.

We are Manufacturer & Exporters of Natural Basalt Stone, Basalt Stone Tilesin the following surface finishes:

1. Brushed Leather (sawn+brushed) Basalt Stone
2. Sawn cut Basalt Stone
3. Honed (Mat) Basalt Stone
4. Mirror Basalt Stone
5. Bush hammered Basalt Stone
6. Lappato Basalt Stone
7. Sandblasted Basalt Stone

8. Shot blasted Basalt Stone
9. Shot blasted + Brushed Basalt Stone
10. Water-Jet Basalt Stone
11. Flamed Basalt Stone
12. Flamed + Brushed Basalt Stone
13. Multi Basalt Stone
14. Rock Face Mushroom Basalt Stone



We are Manufacturer & Exporters of Natural Basalt Stone, Basalt Stone Tiles in the following Edge finishes:
1. Rock faced (Hand cut) Basalt Stone
2. Sawn cut Basalt Stone
3. Bull nosed / half bull nosed Basalt Stone
4. Hand cut Tumbled Basalt Stone



We are a top-notch Manufacturing Companiesof Natural Basalt Stone in the following sizes:
Indian Black Basalt Blocks are available in the Lengths of 60 cm to 280 cm in 30 to 60 cm diameter
Indian Basalt Stone Cobbles Paving Stone available in - 10x10, 15x15, 10x20, 10x30 cm...
Indian Basalt Stone Slabs are available in - 200 cm up X 30 cm..60 cm.
Indian Basalt Stone Paving Tiles are available in - 30x30, 30x60, 60 x 60, 60x40, 40x80, 60x120
Thickness as per customer’s wish




So, if you require Basalt Tiles, Basalt Stone Caps, Basalt Stone Cobbles, Basalt Slabs, Basalt Cubes, Basalt Stone Stepping Stone, Basalt Stone Massive Steps, Basalt Block, BasaltStone Thin Veneers, Basalt Stone Treads, Basalt Stone Fire Pits and Seats (benches), Basalt Stone Setts, Basalt Stone Flagstones (Pavers), Basalt Palisade, Grey Basalt etc…please give us a chance and see our performance…you will definitely appreciate our Indian Basalt Stone and our speedy deliveries.